Call for Paper

Presentation Format

Preparation before presenting the article

  • Presenters can check your name , title , and schedule for presenting within 13 June 2024
  • Articles presented must be revised and reviewed according to the recommendations of the experts.

Oral Presentation (PowerPoint presentation Template)

  • Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that lasts no more than 8 minutes for each article; there will also be 4 minutes for answering questions from attendees and experts.
  • Please send the Power Point presentation files (PDF) via EasyChair system within 9 June 2024. (Upload File)
  • Criteria for consideration:
  • Value and benefit of the research.
  • The correctness and appropriateness of the methods of conducting research on the population and samples used.
  • Creation of tools and data collection.
  • Data Analysis.
  • Presentation / PowerPoint arrangement used in the presentation.
  • Answering questions, personality, and time-management for the presentation.
  • Originality of the research (new discoveries/new processes can be developed)
  • Download the powerpoint presentation format at Template

Presentation (Poster Template)

  • Make a poster according to the template format specified by the education conference: size 1920×1080px, and send the poster file in PDF format via EasyChair system.
  • Produce an audio clip accompanying the poster, of no more than 3 minutes in length, in MP3 or MP4 format, which can be presented in either Thai or English.
  • Poster content consists of:
  • Name of the work (Thai language)
  • Name of the work (English language)
  • Name – Surname
  • Name of organization, institution affiliated with an email
  • Introduction
  • Objectives
  • Research procedures and methods
  • Research results, discussion of results, conclusions, recommendations and utilization.
  • Please send the poster files (PDF) and audio files (MP3/MP4), within 31 May 2024. (Upload File)
  • Full paper send file via EasyChair system
  • Abstract only send file via google form (we will inform link by 22 May 2023)
  • Download the poster presentation format at Template


  • The presenter will receive a certificate after the conference. The certificate can be downloaded online from the academic conference website when the presenter has completed the satisfaction assessment during 16-23 June 2024.
  • Minutes following the meeting (Proceedings) will be published online from 15 June 2024 onwards.