Call for Paper

Author Guidelines

Abstract submission must be made in accordance with the instructions and forms provided by the 11th PSU Education Conference.

  • Details of the paper content are as follows:
  1. Title
  2. Author name / Co-author name
  3. Abstract
  4. Keywords
  5. Introduction
  6. Objectives
  7. Review of the literature
  8. Research methods
  9. Summarize and discuss results
  10. Suggestions
  11. References
  • Using Microsoft Word 2010 or higher version. The manuscript’s size is A4. Set the distance from the left edge, right edge, top edge and bottom edge to 2.54 cm. using the font TH Sarabun New, for both Thai and English versions. Topics use 18 font size, other text using 16 font size.
  • Title must be in Thai and English, using an 18 size font, bold.
  • Author’s name must be in Thai and English, using a 16 font size, bold.
  • Abstract set to be 1-paragraph long with 150-250 words and covers the importance of the study, its objectives, research methods, research results, and conclusions/suggestions.
  • Keywords, in Thai and English; at least 3 words but not more than 5 words.
  • The content of the entire article is not more than 16 pages (including pictures, tables and references at the end of the paper).
  • All references must use the APA 6th Form of Reference (American Psychological Association) and must be in English (Recommendations for writing references).
  • The order of headings in the content section must be numbered. And if sub-headings are divided, use decimal numbers to mark the sub-headings, such as 1.1.
  • Tables and images must be accurate and sharp. The author must arrange the tables and images in the proper size by showing the details and being able to read the characters in the picture clearly.
  • You can download files from the Form Menu (Download Template)
  • You can submit a paper from the Submission Menu (Submission)